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● April 12:  "Introduction to Islam" by Seth Ward

● April 20-23:  National Workshop on Christian Unity

● April 22:  One People, One Earth, Wind River Indian Reservation

● April 23-24:  For the Common Good Leadership Workshop, Wind River Indian Reservation




Spiritual Life Team
promoting hope, strength and Sabbath for our faith journeys in Wyoming.

This team proposes this resolution for adoption:  “A Call for the Elevation of Political Discourse – The Wyoming Association of Churches laments the deterioration of political debate in our society.   This deterioration is expressed through the demonization of political adversaries, falsehood masquerading as truth for political gain, the corrosive effect of anonymous money, personal attacks and speech that hateful rather than addressing the issues thoughtfully. All of these have a negative influence on public trust and the participation of citizens in the political process as well being disheartening to public officials who are seeking solutions in good faith. We call for civility, mutual respect, financial transparency, and truth telling in dealings between constituents and public officials, campaigning and other forms of political activity.”

Religious liberty within the midst of our differences is the topic of one of the resolutions enacted at the annual meeting in September. For the complete resolution,

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The Rev. Warren Murphy’s award-winning book On Sacred Ground: A Religious and Spiritual History of Wyoming now in its third printing is still available for sale. One-half of the gross proceeds are donated to the Wyoming Association of Churches; the other half are given to the Thomas the Apostle Retreat Center. To order it, go to http://onsacredgroundbook.com/

Interested in serving on the Spiritual Life Team? Let us know by emailing us at wychurches@wyoming.com.


  Sacred Ground Team
fostering respect for Wyoming's resources as holy gifts from the Creator.

“In the beginning, God created an inter-connected universe. And it is good.  Within this enormity, our state of Wyoming has been gifted with remarkably diverse habitat for wildlife, vast scenic landscapes and a rich history. By seeking to preserve, through our future oriented stewardship, the unique ecological integrity of this special place – and such extraordinary sites as the Red Desert – we seek to bless all generations to come.”

The Red Desert is a rare Wyoming gem hidden in plain sight. The wildlife habitat, the unique ecology, the vast scenic landscapes and rich history makes areas of the Red Desert worthy of permanent protection. For some people, the Red Desert may appear to be a vast boring landscape that one passes through to get to somewhere else. People may think of deserts as lifeless and unappealing. But those having spent time in the Red Desert see it as a rare Wyoming gem hidden in plain sight.

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THE GREAT DIVIDE BASIN: A NATIVE AMERICAN PERSPECTIVE by Yufna R. (Mark) Soldier Wolf Elder, Northern Arapaho People written October 17, 2011 Why do Native Americans value the Red Desert? To the Northern Arapaho, the Red Desert is a spiritual place to be in complete isolation. In some areas, we experience a special kind of sensation. Places like Bear Butte, Medicine Wheel, and Fox Den are mysterious.

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Resolutions adopted at the annual meeting of the Wyoming Association of Churches that had been proposed by the Sacred Ground Team. For all the resolutions, click on Reports above.

We recommend reading Green Church: Reduce, Reuse, Recycle, Rejoice by Rebekah Simon-Peter. For more information on creation care from a faith perspective,Click here.

Get involved! Interested in promoting awareness about and protection of the Red Desert? Are you concerned about climate change and want to know how you could help to mitigate it? Do you want to see your church become greener?
  Peace and Justice Team
seeking to improve the lives of Wyoming's poor and less privileged.

The Wyoming Association of Churches is promoting donations of supplies for babies and toddlers for the Wyoming Women’s Center. The Wyoming Legislature in 2012 provided funding for a mother-child center and nursery in Lusk at the Wyoming Women’s Center under the Wyoming Department of Corrections. This will involve the renovation of an existing building at the facility for this purpose. Women who are pregnant when they are incarcerated who qualify will be able then to keep their babies

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To read the state feasibility study for this project, click here.

For a list of items the Department of Corrections anticipates will be needed as supplies for the prison nursery

See List>

DVD’s with Study Guide are available from WAC’s Civility Matter’s Dialogues town meetings held on October 8. The topics discussed were:

  1. Judicial Responses for Youth Offenders in Wyoming
  2. Providing Health Care for Wyoming’s Poor
  3. Definition of Marriage and Civil Unions as Relates to Couples’ Sexual Orientation

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The Peace & Justice Team proposed many resolutions that were a adopted at the annual meeting. To view all the resolutions, click on Reports above.

Seeking deeper connection and conversation with Native Americans has been selected as a high priority for the future. Watch for more on this in the coming weeks.

Positions of the Wyoming Association of Churches are decided by a consensus of the board of directors who represent judicatories of the nine denominations who partner with the association. Positions are not taken on issues where there is not a consensus. Resolutions are voted upon at the annual meetings.

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