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About Us:

The Wyoming Association of Churches is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit ecumenical faith-based organization with the mission  to foster and to promote spiritual growth, stewardship of the land and social justice.  We began in 1976 as the Wyoming Church Coalition replacing the Wyoming Church Council that had formed in the 1960’s.  In 2003, we changed the name to the Wyoming Association of Churches and the by-laws amended to broaden  membership. 
Membership is based on a commitment to come together with others, putting aside our differences,  to advance our mission.  Three teams work to implement the mission through education and advocacy. The three teams are Spiritual Life Team, On Sacred Ground Team, and Peace & Justice Team.

Board of Directors - Board representation comes from representations of the denominational judicatories and officers are elected at the Annual Meeting.  The board representatives and the alternates are:

  1. Carl Carmichael, Sheridan, Board Chairman United Methodist Church-Yellowstone Conference
  2. Rodger McDaniel, Cheyenne, Vice Chairman, Presbytery of Wyoming (USA)r
  3. Tonya Eza, Powell, Secretary, Evangelical Lutheran Church of America-Montana Synod
  4. Rosemary Bratton, Laramie, Treasurer, Episcopalian
  5. Bill Mankin, Boulder, CO, Board Member, American Baptist Churches of the Rocky Mountains
  6. Doug Goodwin, Sheridan, Board Member, Disciples of Christ, Christian Church
  7. Linda Fleming, Baggs, Board Member, Wyoming Episcopal Diocese
  8. Tim Trippel, Worland, Alternate, Evangelical Lutheran Church of America-Montana Synod
  9. Bob McNamara, Casper, Board Member, Evangelical Lutheran Church of America-Rocky Mountain Synod
  10. Jim Carlson, Powell, Alternate, Presbytery of Wyoming
  11. John Dyce, Buffalo, Board Member, United Church of Christ-Montana/Northern Wyoming
  12. Bob Miller, Sheridan, Alternate, United Church of Christ-Montana/Northern Wyoming
  13. Dee Lundberg, Casper, Board Member, United Church of Christ-Rocky Mountain Conference
  14. Judy Eicher, Cheyenne, Board Member, United Methodist Church-Rocky Mountain Conference
  15. Rebekah Simon-Peter, Casper, Alternate, United Methodist Church-Rocky Mountain Conference
  16. Donn Kesselheim, Lander, Board Member, Wyoming Friends (Quakers)

Team Leaders:

  1. Peace & Justice Team - Position open
  2. Sacred Ground Team – Mary Walker, Jackson, Evangelical
  3. Spiritual Life Team – Doug Goodwin, Sheridan, Disciples of Christ, Christian Church

If you are interested in applying to join a team, email info@wyochurches.org. Most of the team work is done through monthly calls.


  1. Chesie Lee, Executive Director, Riverton
  2. Clarice Luck, Bookkeeper
  3. Mary Walker, Communications Director
  4. Warren Murphy, Volunteer, Environmental Coordinator
  5. Kenneth Peterson, IT Coordinator
    And many other volunteers!  If you would like to volunteer, email info@wyochurches.org
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